Training for body and vehicle technician.

Just what does a vehicle and body technician? Create and restore vehicles and bodies! Merit as body and vehicle auto technician. What custom research paper writing services exactly is your everyday lifestyle than vehicle and body mechanic? Your application is in demand if a customer with his damaged car in […]

Resource Management System

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP (English Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Resource Preparing.) – organizational method integration of production and operations, human resource management, monetary management and asset management, focused on the continuous balancing and optimization of enterprise sources through an integrated package of specialized application application that gives a typical information […]

Soirée théâtre samedi 29 juin au profit de Ventalili

La compagnie du Sel au Nid vous propose une soirée Théâtre en plein air à Aix-en-Provence, le samedi 29 juin à 21h45 au profit de l’Association VENTALILI.   « Le colonel oiseau » Apportez votre chaise ou votre plaid pour vous asseoir dans l’herbe! Lieu: chemin du du Pont rout à Aix-en-Provence […]